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Cancer could be of many types and can be occur at many different body parts. We provide the following cancer treatments using different therapies. We build trust with our patient for faster recovery and best satisfaction of the patient.

Dr. Tara Chand Gupta

M.D. D.M. Medical Oncology

Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai

Specialist in Chemotherapy, Targeted Therapy and Immunotherapy

Dr. Tara Chand Gupta, a medical oncologist, is having more than 7years of experience in Oncology. He was amongst the top 5 candidates in all India Level Entrance test of Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai.

He started his medical journey from the prestigious S.M.S Medical College, Jaipur in 2001 by reaching the top 30th position in Rajasthan Pre-Medical Examination. After M.B.B.S, he pursued M.D in General Medicine from the S.N Medical College, Agra.

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    Our Oncologists Services

    Along with providing the best consultation of cancer, our oncologist provides you the therapies depending upon your cancer. The therapies includes Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, Hormonal Therapy and others.

    Stories of People who Triumph over Cancer

    Remember, Cancer is just a word not a sentence. It is a curable disease if diagnosed on time. Know about these person who defeat the battle against cancer and living a fruitful life.

    Contact the best oncologist near you to get the immediate consultation for your cancer treatment.

    We strive to provide you a complete cure over cancer. Cancer is no more an untreatable disease. If consulted at the right stage it can be cured completely.

    How it helps you stay strong

    Cancer disease can shatter the life of any individual. In this time, you need complete support from your family while the doctor strives his best to provide you best treatment.

    What the doctor will do

    1Complete Diagnosis
    2Evaluate the Stage
    3Provide the treatment
    4Follow up & Response of Treatment

    Patient & Family Responsiblity

    1 Need support from family
    2 Proper healthy diet
    3 Behavioral therapy: Yoga and Music
    4 Adhere to treatment

    Reason why you should choose us

    Cancer can be treated only by an expert. We provide you therapies and treatment after the proper diagnosis by an expert oncologist doctor.