Chemotherapy in Jaipur

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases that can trigger fatal complications without medical intervention. Cancer refers to the disease caused due to abnormal growth of the cells. Uncontrolled cell growth can lead to the infiltration of normal tissues in the body. So, it affects the normal functioning of the body. The signs and symptoms associated with the condition vary depending on the type of cancer and its grade. Chemotherapy is one of the most preferred treatments for cancer. It aims to destroy cancerous cells and prevents their growth. People around the world are looking for affordable treatment options to overcome the disease. Now Dr. TaraChand one of the best medical oncologist (He has done DM in medical oncology from Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai) providing Chemotherapy in Jaipur city at an affordable cost. It is an effective treatment option to enhance the quality of life in cancer patients.

Chemotherapy in Jaipur

What Is Chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy refers to drug treatment using powerful chemicals to kill cancer cells. So, it destroys the rapidly-growing malignant cells that affect the body. It is the most preferred treatment as it can effectively stop or destroy the malignant cells. Since cancer cells grow and multiply at an alarming rate, opting chemotherapy can treat the disease better. There are different types of drugs available for chemotherapy, An oncologist with experience in treating the disease can suggest effective drugs or the potent combination of chemo drugs for better results according to stages of the disease. Remember, the treatment is highly powerful, So, it can trigger some side effects. A good oncologist discusses the side effects associated with the chemo drugs to help the patients take necessary precautions or prepare themselves mentally to deal with the serious complications.

When needed for Chemotherapy

Doctors around the world suggest chemotherapy to treat people suffering from different types of cancer. It is an ideal treatment option in a wide variety of settings. So, it is the best option in the following cases:

  • To destroy malignant cells in your body and cure the disease without any other treatment. So, it is the sole option to destroy the cancerous cells.
  • Destroy cancer cells after undergoing other treatments to kill the hidden malignant cells. Doctors use the option after surgery to eliminate malignant cells that remain in the body. This type of treatment also referred to as adjuvant therapy offers relief to patients.
  • Used as neoadjuvant therapy. Doctors use chemotherapy as a preparatory option before beginning other treatments. So, the type of treatment is ideal for large tumors. Chemo drugs can shrink the tumor to ensure doctors can use other treatment options like Radiation or Surgery.
  • It is also used to offer relief to patients who suffer from severe distress due to the presence of malignant cells. Also known as palliative chemotherapy, it destroys some of the cancer cells to offer relief.

When you undergo chemotherapy in Jaipur, you get the best possible approach for better results. By the best Medical Oncologist, Dr.Tarachand Gupta and his dedicated team of experts at the hospitals develop a customized approach for ensuring good results. You get the right approach based on your case by following the internationally approved guidelines. So, patients can get the best possible treatment with the specialist cancer care team.

Therefore, If anyone who is undergoing chemotherapy can take a second opinion from Dr. Tarachand Gupta (DM, Medical Oncology from Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai). He is one of the top Medical oncologists in India.

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