What is Targeted Cancer Therapy?

Targeted Cancer therapy involves the usage of certain oral and injectable drugs and many other substances. Because of continuous evolution in cancer science, now we are able to find some drivers in most of the cancers. These molecule drivers are responsible for the growth and progression of cancer. These drugs and substances block the growth and spread of cancer by targeting these molecule drivers As they are targeting cancer responsible molecule, hence it is referred to as Targeted Cancer Therapy.

How does the Targeted Cancer therapy work?

In the standard chemotherapy, the drugs are used by killing those cells which grow and divide quickly. As cancer cells divide quickly, that’s why these drugs work against them.

However, the targeted therapy drugs are quite different in working, unlike chemo drugs. These drugs target molecular drivers in cancer cells those are responsible for the growth of cancer cells so these drugs have better efficacy and fewer side effects.

Targeted drugs can do:

  1. Block or stop chemical signals which cause the cancer cells to grow and divide.
  2. Change the protein of the cancer cells so that they eventually die.
  3. Stops the formation of blood vessels to feed the cancer cells.
  4. Trigger immune system in killing the cancer cells.

What types of Targeted Therapies available?

There are many targeted therapies which are available for the cancer treatment. These include:

1.Hormone Therapies:

These therapies slow down or stop the growth of hormone-sensitive tumours, which require certain hormones to grow. Generally, these are used for Breast cancer, and prostate cancer.

2. Signal transduction inhibitors:

These therapies block those molecules which are responsible for signal transduction. Signal reduction is a process implies a cell responding to the signals from the environment. These are mostly treats lung cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer etc.

3. Gene expression modulators:


Modify proteins functioning which plays an important role in controlling the expression of genes. Multiple myeloma and kidney cancer are examples of treatment.

4. Apoptosis inducers:

Blocks new blood vessels growth inside the tumour so that nutrition of tumour can be blocked It is also known as tumour angiogenesis. Mostly used for treating lung cancer, colon cancer, and kidney cancer.

5. Angiogenesis inhibitors

Blocks new blood vessels growth. It is also known as tumour angiogenesis.

6. Immunotherapies

It blocks the effect of cancer on our immune system.

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